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Ionized Water is one of the greatest preventative health advances and technological marvels of the 21th century, yet it has gone almost entirely unnoticed. Ionized Water is a powerful Antioxidant providing the body with tremendous amounts of oxygen and therefore lots of Energy.

It is very Alkaline and helps neutralize and flush acid waste from the body, which can encourage disease. It is a superior Hydrator and Detoxifier because Ionized Water molecule clusters have been "reduced" in size (from 10 to 5) and therefore is "lighter". Ionized Water's smaller size allows it to hydrate your body more effectively, pushing out toxins as it easily passes through your body's tissue.

  • The world's best selling water ionizer is UltraTec Water Ionizer. It comes with the Large 7-plate polymer ion-plated platinum coated titanium ionizing plates
  • It produces an Ionized Water of about 10.0 pH or higher, depending on your water source.
  • Regarding quality and ionization strength, the UltraTec Water Ionizer is comparable to any other water ionizer on the market.
  • The revolutionary UltraTec┬« Water Ionizer was designed for the world market. UltraTec Water Ionizer is now sold in the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, South Africa.

Alkaline Water Ionizer is standard Ionizer and marketed across the world.

The UltraTec Alkaline Water Ionizer produces 7 different present levels of water from single water input. This water provides health benefits for users who consume the water regularly. This is normal water which is processed by UltraTec Water Ionizer with electrolysis processing.

The UltraTec Water Ionizer produces water with different pH like 8.5 to 11.5 alkaline content, 7pH Clear / Natural Water, 3.0 to 5.0pH Acidic content. Water Ionizer can make a valuable addition to your family. Ionized alkaline water creates natural antioxidants (reduced ORP levels) and supports better hydration along with other health benefits. This attractive and quality-built unit from Air Water Life comes equipped with everything you need for quick and easy installation to your kitchen, bathroom, or utility room faucet.


UltraTec offers you the very best in quality at an unbeatable price New technique of automatic water flow regulation reverses polarity of the electrode plate and changes water flow direction. Thus, alkaline and acid water is available for use even while the machine is cleaning.

Four levels of alkaline water.

Two levels of acid water, including super-oxide.

Filter water (non-ionized) - by Silver Coated Activated Carbon Filter

Stainless steel output spout

Built-in auto-flushing electrode.

Unique post-operation automatic and silent cleansing for extended lifespan

Filter change required indicator

Easy 1-minute change filter compartment

Optional ability to connect direct to plumbing and operate under mains pressure

Cleaning : Auto & Manual

Electrolysis Level : 4 Alkaline level, 1 Neutral Level &4 Acidic level

Electrolysis Plate : Platinum-Titanium

Inlet Water Pressure: 10kgf/cm

ORP Value : -450mv

pH Value : 4.5 ~11

Operating Voltage : AC100/AC220V - 50/60HZ

How Alkaline Water Ionizer Works?

Converts regular water into a number of different levels of alkaline water that are idial for plethora of uses: you can use alkaline water for rinsing fresh vegetables, meat and produce, cooking, brewing coffee and tea, removing tough stains, sterilizing silverware, cleaning floors (for a beautiful shine), face-washing, and more!

Converts regular water into different levels of acidic water for uses such as brushing teeth, restoring shine to hair, natural after-shave, sunburn relief, minimizing the appearance of pores, sanitizing utensiles and tableware, and more!

Filter Removes chlorine, chemicals, dirt, bacteria, and many other harmful impurities from regular water, making it delicious and healthy purified water for drinking

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